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Sky Bear Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Written by Ask Chris Holdren

I saw a piece of art somewhere and was inspired to create this. I like how the final product turned out.

The simplicity of the scene as well as the heavenly look are pretty cool. And in terms of photo manipulation – this was a fairly easy piece to create.

At its core, it really just comprised of three different images. And with the exception of the bear cutout, pretty straight forward.

The things that rally make this piece come together is the coloring. You have a lot of different options, but I used camera raw and color efex pro 4.

In the video, I didn’t deep dive into every thing I did in the image above. But hit all the big elements to demonstrate what I did.

Watch Photo Manipulation Tutorial Video:

If you would like to try to recreate this. You can do so by downloading the the resources from the links below. Have fun, mix it up a bit and put your own spin on it. Otherwise there will be a million sky bears floating around on the internet that look exactly the same.

Also if you are new to photoshop, or just new to photo manipulation or digital art in general. I have created a step by step course unpacking every single step I took in great detail to create this image. Feel free to check that out if you like.

Basics of Photoshop Manipulation – Step by Step Project Walkthrough

Download Video Resources:

For most of the images in my art I try to either take the stock myself or to download it from a public domain site like But I also use Deviant Art and there stock section pretty frequently as well?

The polar bear image I found on Deviant Art. The cloud background I found on Pixabay, but also found it on Deviant Art. I am assuming that it is public domain. But I will credit the Deviant artist as well just for good measure. And then the the snow image a friend sent to me. I don’t know the origin. But he said it was public domain.

Its important to note, that if you use an image from any source. You should try to do your do diligence in finding the rights and usage for every image. For all of my art, every effort has been made to give credit where credit is due. You should try to do the same. Feel free to share links to your art in the comments.

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